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Convenient all in one replacement bulb & fuse kit for quick service of burned out bulbs or fuses.
Kit includes:
1x H7 Bulb (N10320102)
1x T-10 5W (N0177535)
1x P21 (N0177322)
1x C5 Festoon (N0177252)
1x PY21 (N10256407)
1x P12V21/5W (N0177382)
1x 10A Blade Fuse (red) (N01713111)
1x 15A Blade Fuse (light blue) (N01713112)
1x Mini 5A Blade Fuse (light brown) (N10261501)
1x Mini 10A Blade Fuse (red) (N10261503)

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